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Resume Preparation

Résumé Preparation

A professional résumé will keep you looking your best. A position worth going after is worth a professionally planned résumé that makes all the difference! The biggest difference is getting your foot in the door. After all, that’s the first step – to get an interview, right?

Your résumé is one of the most important documents you own, and if you want to give yourself the best chance of getting the job, you need a résumé prepared by Résumé Experts.

Cover Lettrs

Cover Letters

The résumé is usually one of the first items, along with a cover letter that a potential employer sees regarding the job applicant and is typically used to screen applicants, who are seeking employment. The cover letter is a professional document written just for you to emphasise your skills.

The job market in Western Australia is competitive and your cover letter could be overlooked before it reaches the right hands if it doesn’t meet a high standard. Résumé Experts have helped thousands of people find work across a huge range of industries.

Mining Resumes

Mining Résumés

The mining industry is one of the highest-paid careers in Western Australia and everyone wants a position in mining. Résumé Writers Mandurah – Résumé Experts are specialists when it comes to the mining, gas and oil industry. They can help you stand out from the crowd!

We have helped thousands of people in Western Australia mining and resources sector to get callbacks and interviews. Our in-depth knowledge of the Mining and Resources sector can help you progress through the careers available during industry booms and slowdowns.

If you are looking for a FIFO, DIDO or local mining job in WA, or to pursue a career in the global mining industry, Résumé Experts are here to help.

Trades Resume

Trades Résumés

At one time you could just show up at the building site, inquire, and be working before you know it. Not anymore! The top building sites are now asking for your résumé before you get hired. Times are certainly changing, aren’t they? Don’t take chances if you want a great position.

Résumé Experts has a successful track record providing resumes for tradespersons, seeking work in the construction, industrial and mining sector. Competition for tradesperson remains high, and job seekers need to ensure that they provide a professional résumé and cover letter that clearly displays your skills and experience.

Applicant Tracking System

Did you know that recruitment agencies rely on automated computer software to pre-filter résumés? Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) is used to scan through job applications. Résumés uploaded to an ATS are only viewed by a human if the system matches the Résumé to the job ad. The others can get dumped from the system. The ATS is programmed to scan for keywords as well as other information, and Résumé Experts will take this into account when writing your resume.

Resume Keywords


Include keywords in your résumé. Organisation terminology

Resume Professionals

Use Text

Use text instead of images
Resume Professionals Mandurah


Use suitable headings for recognised sections
Resume Professionals Mandurah and Peel Districts


Spell out acronyms and include variations
Resume Elavator Pitch

Elevator Pitch

Use elevator pitch providing key criteria for the role

We understand that it is essential not to go overboard with keywords and minimised the use of images, pictures, symbols and shading. Résumé Experts will use well-known fonts and ensure that there are no spelling mistakes or typos.


Professionally written and tailored résumé that enhances your skills and abilities. Including:

Services and Trades Résumé Writing Services
Graduate and Entry Level Roles
Retail and Hospitality Résumés
Management and Senior Roles

Lifetime Update Services

Get a new role added, get a new résumé design or minor résumé refresh with our update services.

Cover Letters

We offer professionally written cover letters that can be for general, role-specific applications, or expressions of interest.


Resume Experts Mandurah


Are you looking for a job and ready to lift your Résumé to the next level? Fill out the form and we will be in touch to help you land your next interview!